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Happy Wheels 5

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The creator of the Happy Wheels game is Jim Bonacci that has made this game a fascinating one, that appeals to every age category, but he states that he thinks that if you play this Happy Wheels 5 game more than five times, you will be more and more involved, why the game is so addictive we will discuss. We will not hide that Happy Wheels 5 game is one of the most bloodthirsty online based flash games in the world. In the game you can find different characters: dad and son driving a bicycle, madam sitting in the shopping cart, a young couple driving a moto and many others, also you can find some personage with disabilities man sitting in a wheelchair and etc. People reveal their hard fantasy with the help of this game, where else you will an opportunity to mutilate disabled person, sitting in chair. In this game you can cut hands,toes to your character, thrown him from a height and also torturing them so as soon as you want, but the trick is that you will not be punished for that.

Happy Wheels 5 game gives you an opportunity to make fun of doing something for what you will be condemn in life. That’s the main reason the popularity of this game, making harm are our humanity problem we laugh when we hit somebody. That’s why the most sadistic online game are most beloved. The first thing that has to happen before you start playing the Happy Wheels 5, your character will seem to be on a path, where, because of passing through some hurdles, it will get injured, it will have some bleeding, and after that will lose some parts of the body. If your cartoon character does not go fast enough, the bleeding will make it dead and get you too soon to the exit of the game. If, though, you maintain your character in the game, both nature and the happy wheel will be dispersed because the ups and downs of the path that exists there.

What is the purpose of the game? The player always has to go as far as he can on the pathway that is given and still keep himself with all the body parts intact and without losing any more blood. If any higher paths are being wanted to be reached then, you must press the space bar, and afterward, make you happy wheel get there. The great thing about this Happy Wheels 5 game is the fact that the slogan: “Try And Try Until You Win” going to be played long enough into your mind that you will want to succeed. The obstacles that appear on the pathway can get your character to lose a leg, injure an ankle or have some blood loss, this getting your happy wheel to die soon. This being said the Happy Wheels 5 game is a game of patience, a game of high desire of winning and a game to really enjoy.

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